Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Brutal Christmas - The Season in Chaos

Some seasonal uploads coming your way from some random stuff on my computer. Some of it is ridiculous. Some of it is not half bad. Some of it is amazingly entertaining. Just check it out.

Track List:
01. Arche - Angels We Have Heard On High
02. Kekal - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
03. Royal Anguish - Mary Did You Know
04. Frank's Enemy - Coventry Carol
05. Frost Like Ashes - Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (O Come Emmanuel)
06. Tortured Conscience - The Little Drummer Boy
07. Hearken - O Come All Ye Faithful
08. Death Requisite - Child Messiah
09. EverSINcEve - O Holy Night
10. Faithbomb - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
11. Pure Defiance - Joy To The World

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yesterday's Children - Self Titled (1969)

This is definitely a 60's rock long lost gem. Their only album (besides a single that was released), Yesterday's Children played a quality mix of psychedelia and garage rock. Excellent riffs and lead guitar with a great vocalist. These guys are in the same realm as Blue Cheer and other similar bands of the time.

It's a shame that bands this good never stuck around to create more music. Unfortunately it happens more often than not.

Track list
01. Paranoia
02. Sad Born Loser
03. What of I
04. She's Easy
05. Sailing
06. Providence Bummer
07. Evil Woman
08. Yesterday's Moon

The Black Angels - Directions to See a Ghost

I have no idea where to even begin in classifying this group. I hear psychedelic influences, Beatles influences, stoner influences, indie influences, rock and dessert...and I'm not exactly sure where they fit in. You definitely cannot pigeon hole this band into any one category.

Interestingly enough, it all fits spectacularly well together. The Black Angels have created an album which I can see myself spinning rather often. They do have other material out that I haven't gotten to hear yet, but if it's anything like "Directions to See a Ghost", I know I'll dig it.

This is a definite recommendation to any psychedelic and stoner fans. Spin this record and just chill out in its ambiance.

Track listing:
01. You On The Run
02. Doves
03. Science Killer
04. Mission District
05. 18 Years
06. Deer-Ree-Shee
07. Never/Ever
08. Vikings
09. You In Color
10. The Return
11. Snake in the Grass


Honkeyfinger - Invocation Of The Demon Other

When I read the description of this album, a one-man bass drum stomping, harmonica blowing, lapsteel playing Blues assault, I knew I'd like it. I didn't expect it to be quite as intense as it is. This isn't your Howlin' Wolf type of blues. This is Blues after it dropped acid and ate a bag of shrooms.

I never imagined so much energy could come out of one man and a whole band's worth of instruments. Honkeyfinger is an excellent display of lapsteel guitar and blues created with an interesting and amazing twist. The kind of shit you'd find playing in some hole-in-the-wall dive in Alabama. No frills and no bullshit. Fuzzed out, intense vocals and full of energy. Just check it out. Everyone. There's no reason not to.

Track list:
01. HonknSkronkn
02. Got This Rage
03. Margarine Man
04. Jitterbone Boogie
05. Trouble
06. Parchman Farm
07. Cobra
08. True Believers
09. Farmer George
10. Fine Thing
11. Margarine Man (Part 2)
12. Burning Skull Blues
13. Boss Honk
14. Running On Empty
15. Subaquatic Homesick Blues

DL (New Link. Some problems were reported with the last one. 12/01)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Graveyard - Self Titled

Either someone back in the 70's figured out time travel and sent Graveyard to the future to drop this amazing album, or this group of rockers from Sweden really know how to create some superb blues-influenced, Sabbath influenced rock. Yes, they are very influenced by Black Sabbath, but they don't come off as a Sabbath clone.

These guys take the bluesy sounds of proto-metal, 70's rock, 60's psychedelic sounds and meld them together to create something extremely special in a time where most rock outfits are completely forgetting where their roots lie.

When you listen to this, you probably wont believe that Graveyard only came to be in 2006 in Gothenburg. Fans of Sabbath, psychedelic and traditional doom will really enjoy this, although I think everyone should check this out.

Track list:
01. As The Years Pass By, The Hours Bend
02. Blue Soul
03. Don't Take Us for Fools
04. Evil Ways
05. Lost in Confusion
06. Right is Wrong
07. Satan's Finest
08. Submarine Blues
09. Thin Line

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh

Wicked Lady is for those who love fuzz, psychedelic and traditional doom. Proto-metal and, in my opinion, definitely a doom forerunner. Listen to "War Cloud" and "Life and Death" if you have any doubts to that.

I would rank this right up there with Pagan Altar. Not that Wicked Lady is going to take over Pagan Altar's place in my musical loving heart, but this album is crammed full of amazing riffs and heavy goodness. "The Axeman Cometh" definitely showcases the heavy aspect of this band.

For any fans of traditional doom metal in the vein of Pagan Altar and stuff like Witchcraft, definitely check this out. Lovers of fuzz and psychedelic rock would eat this up as well.

Track Listing:
01. Run The Night
02. War Cloud
03. The Axeman Cometh
04. Life and Death
05. Wicked Lady
06. Out of the Dark
07. Rebel
08. Living on the Edge

Gun - Gunsight

I found this gem while treasure hunting for some new tunes. This is some straight up, good riffing rock and roll. Almost has a NWOBHM tinge to it while heavily steeped in 60's rock and roll. Not surprising since these guys were around from '68 to '69 and were based out of England.

The album moves from heavy, or what was considered heavy in those days, to light and airy pieces. Even listening to the track "Hobo" I think of the Beatles. This is definitely something that fans of proto-metal, nwobhm and bands like Budgie and Blue Cheer should check out.

Track listing:
01. Head in the Clouds
02. Drown Yourself in the River
03. Angeline
04. Dreams and Screams
05. Situation Vacant
06. Hobo
07. Lady Link, Pt. 1
08. Oh Lady You
09. Lady Link, Pt. 2
10. Long Hair Woman

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Buried Together" - Antrobus/Flying Hat Band split

In 1973, the Flying Hat Band was signed to Vertigo records and recorded a full length album. The label decided not to release the album and the trio disbanded in '74 after the departure of guitarist Glen Tipton. Yes, the same Glen Tipton in Judas Priest. He left the Flying Hat Band to join up with the rest of the metal gods.

Glen posseses the master tapes to the full length recording, but who knows if they will ever see the light of day. It's a shame, because the four tracks by the FHB on this split are excellent and showcase a much more bluesy side of Tipton's guitar capabilities. These guys rank up there with Deep Purple and even opened for them on one of Deep Purple's tours.

The remaining nine tracks come from prog-rock band Antrobus. I'm not playing Antrobus down at all. These tracks are some quality prog-rock sounds. Fans of King Crimson and earlier prog-rock and psychedelic rock bands will enjoy this stuff.

If for nothing else, at least download this to check out Tipton's work prior to Judas Priest.

01. Antrobus - Loving You
02. Antrobus - All I Really Need
03. Antrobus - Take Me Back
04. Antrobus - Pavement Artist
05. Antrobus - Straight Jacket
06. Antrobus - Winter
07. Antrobus - Rock Band Blues
08. Antrobus - Gonna Be Free
09. Antrobus - Lightning
10. The Flying Hat Band - Seventh Plain
11. The Flying Hat Band - Reaching For The Stars
12. The Flying Hat Band - Lost Time
13. The Flying Hat Band - Coming of the Lord

DL pt.1 (Antrobus tracks)
DL pt.2 (FHB tracks)

Black Widow - Sacrifice

Black Widow stands in the same psychedlic, satanic realm as Coven and other early bands bent on pushing the envelope with their blatant occult and satanic influences. Black Widow hold a bit more of a progressive tinge than Coven, however. Lots of organ use and even some flute within the mix. I definitely enjoy the use of the saxaphone use in "In Ancient Days." Gives the that certain Coltrane cool to Satan.

This album is from 1970, four years after the bands formation in '66. Some great stuff if you're a fan of early progressive rock and psychedelic type bands.

01. In Ancient Days
02. Way to Power
03. Come to the Sabbat
04. Conjuration
05. Seduction
06. Attack of the Demon
07. Sacrifice

Blood Farmers - Blood Farmers

Heavy, marijuana-laced riffage. Heavily influenced by Sabbath, but definitely not a Sabbath ripoff. Anyone who has enjoyed some of the past stoner-type uploads that I have posted will enjoy this.

There's not much I really want to say, because I just want you people to download this and behold its excellence. Roll a joint and check this shit out.

01. Albino
02. Bullet in my Head
03. Orgy of the Rats
04. Theme
05. Y.G.B.
06. The Holy Chalice
07. General Urko-I Drink Your Blood
08. Twisted Brain (Part 1)
09. Twisted Brain (Part 2)
10. After the Harvest